Magnesium Oxide

اكسيد ماغنسيوم Magnesium Oxide -

Magnesium Egypt is a magnesite specialist (CCM)

This trip began with the production of Magnesia for more than 25 years

Magnesium egypt is the only plant in Egypt and the Middle East region specialized in the production of magnesium oxide with a monthly capacity of 3000 tons.

Magnesium oxide

 White metal, a natural magnetite source for our mines

 (In southern Egypt). For the use of animal feed, agricultural fertilizers and industrial fields

Thanks to extensive and rich industrial experience, we can provide excellent quality of magnesium oxide, an effective source and center for magnesium

 Magnesium oxide has a powder-packed appearance properly to avoid any kind of damage and interactivity. We offer according to industrial standards. Our products have high level of efficiency due to low level of impurities and heavy metals


 -Packing: packed in PP bags 25Kg double layer or large bags 1000 kg

What is the benefit of Magnesia?

Magnesium oxide (MgO), or magnesia, is a white hygroscopic solid mineral that occurs naturally  . It has  formula  MgO and can be used extensively in the soil and groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, drinking water

 Caustic-Calcined Magnesite (CCM)  products have a wide margins of reactivity and is an essential component in a number of agricultural, environmental, construction and industrial applications. We have carefully studied the requirements of various applications and have formulated our products grade accordingly to suit the exact need of the customer.

Product Quality

We assure our customers the product of highest quality and guarantee as per required specifications. Our quality control methods ensure the product is tested at every stage of processing. Final quality check is always carried out on finished products before it is dispatched to the customer.

- Certified Quality Approach: ISO 22000 Certificate 2005 "ISO 9001 2008, and Bio.